Hi everybody. In this article i will reveal to you some kitchen tricks which will make your kitchen life less stressful or demanding. You are going to know how you can extend and preserve the freshness of your  vegetable and fruits. I will equally reveal to you the most ideal approach to wash your kitchen utensils and much more. Simply sit back and read the article below and you will discover the tricks

1. Increase the shelf life of your vegetable

Vegetables are best eaten when fresh in order to enjoy the stored nutrients. Thus, to improve its shelf life for a period of time, this is what you have to do – it’s just straightforward. You simply need to put the vegetable on a  newspaper towel spread on the racks of your refrigerator. This will drain up the excess moisture, thus slowing down the decaying process.
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2.Most effective method to know whether your egg is fresh 

In cases where you’re uncertain whether you’ve purchased fresh or rotten eggs, simply put them  into a bowl containing water. You will observe that the fresh eggs will sink while the rotten ones will be floating. You can attempt this simple but effective method and you will never become a customer of buying rotten eggs again.

3.How to prevent your salt from getting hard  

This is a very effective and simple procedure – you simply need to put some grains of rice inside the rice. Probably, you may be wondering how this actually works! Well, the rice usually absorb the moisture and keep your salt from getting hard.

4.How to recover your natural honey: 

Do you know that Honey is the only substance on the planet that doesn’t spoil? However, if your honey becomes crystallized, you can reverse it by placing the honey jar in a warm water – until it becomes very clear again.

5.How to salvage your over-salted soup

This is what you have to do – Add some raw potatoes or apples in your soup after washing it properly. Boil for 10 minutes. After that, remove the potatoes or the apples from the soup. If this does not work for you, your next alternative would be to add unsalted soup or some water into the soup.

6.How to dispose excess fats from your soup

Don’t be annoyed with your soup if it contains too much fat in it. place your dish of soup in the fridge for 30 minutes and afterward you can expel the fat layer from the soup. However, if you are in a rush – put some ice cubes in the soup and remove them when you see that there’s fat around them. On the other hand, you can also put a piece of lettuce to absorb the fat. Remove when the lettuce becomes soft.

7.The most effective way to make your fruits ripe overnight: 

When you need to make your fruits ripe, place the fruits in a paper sack with an apple as well. The apple releases ethylene gas which will accelerate the ripening process.

8.How to dispose offensive smell of plastic containers

Plastic materials are usually porous and they often tend to absorb bad smell which usually remain even after washing them. This is what you have to do – Place a clean newspaper inside the plastic and allow it for sometime. This will remove any offensive scent. Don’t forget to wash the plastics again before using them.

9.How to salvage a burnt plate or pot

Have you ever become worried about how you can clean your burnt pot after cooking? Just follow this ideal approach to clean them.  Add 4-5 teaspoon of salt and with some baking soda into the pot. Add enough water and allow it overnight and then wash off the following day. You will be stunned by the outcomes.

10.The most ideal approach to clean stainless plate

Alcohol is the best choice. it will help you clean your stainless plate from all stains. This is what you have to do – dampen a piece of cloth with the alcohol and clean the affected region with it.
Our kitchen should always be in a good and healthy condition. Make it your duty today!