Menstruation involves the shedding off of uterine lining which is a natural process designed for every woman by the perfect potter. This process can be somehow painful for some ladies as they experience hell which usually present with different symptoms that range from depressive moods to bloating, painful cramps, irritability and the rest and these could of course make them miserable. When this excruciating pangs occurs during your period, the last thing that comes to your mind is to eat something that will make you feel worse. Unfortunately, many of those foods that you crave for which although will make you feel okay for a little time can eventually end up intensifying the problem later on.
You may therefore be wondering the foods to abstain from during your periods. Don’t worry! I got your backbecause some answers have been provided for you in this article. Enjoy!


During each monthly cycle, the blood sugar level rises like a roller coaster. However, consumption of excess sugary foods is like adding fuel to the burning fire owing to the already elevated sugar level. This sugar spikes can result to cramping, hormonal imbalance, mood swing and fatigue. This notwithstanding, if your crave for sugar is insatiable; you can resort to natural supplements from fruits like oranges, cucumbers, avocado pears, carrots, papaya (pawpaw) and don’t forget vegetables which are also fiber-rich foods.


yes! sugar can cause menstrual pain


In order to avoid menstrual spasm and cramps, it is advisable to limit or stay away from the consumption of energy drinks, coffee, black tea, chocolate and coffea-flavoured sweets. The mechanism is that the caffeine present in this products acts as a stimulant that initiates vasoconstriction which eventually lead to tightening of the blood vessels that supply the uterus, thus intensifying your pain.


Canned or processed food can be so enticing with its delicious taste. However it may interest you to know that they can cause a great deal of discomfort and bloating due to their increased sodium concentration that favors water retention. It’s rather wise to go for wholesome foods and healthy snacks which do not contain excess salt.



During your menstrual period, you need to distant yourself from high fatty foods like hamburger, dairy products and ice creams. This is on account of their tendencies to cause hormonal changes, inflammation and pain and moreover, for one already suffering from menstrual cramps, the pain can be worsened by these fats.  Instead, substitute these fatty foods with fresh vegetables and fruits.

These are basically the foods one should avoid in order to minimize the issue of menstrual pain or cramp. Nevertheless, it is worthy to note that various women experience menstrual cramp differently and the moderate consumption of the above mentioned food may not induce any pain. This  explains the reason for  fixing a date with the gynecologist who will ascertain the cause of the pain since there are myriad of medical conditions that can initiate it.