Incorporating sweet potatoes in our diet list is a wonderful gateway of enjoying the amazing

why potatoes is beneficial to your health

benefits associated with it which are often overlooked. Sweet potatoes are delicious, no wonder the name “sweet” attached to it and they usually appear in different colors, with orange, yellow, purple, and white skin. They are distinctive in size and shapes, from short to thin and long.

Below are the most essential medical advantages of sweet potatoes:

1. Diabetes: Sweet potatoes are superb glucose regulators, which balance and diminish insulin resistance, thus they are flawless on diabetes regulation

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2. Immune system: frequent consumption of sweet potatoes supports the body’s immune system and prevents diseases.

3. Anti-oxidant properties:
 They have powerful antioxidant characteristics which battles inflammatory issues such as gout, asthma, joint inflammation, and so on.

4. Emphysema:
 Research has found that smoke prompts vitamin A deficiency and numerous health issues to the lungs. Therefore  smokers and people who breathe in second-hand smoke ought to routinely eat foods such as potatoes which is rich in vitamin A.

5. Sound digestive system:
 Sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fibers and mostly concentrated on the skin so they enhances a solid digestive tract, prevent constipation, and secure you against colon cancer.

6. Muscle cramps: deficiency of potassium initiates cramps in the muscles and heightened susceptibility to injury. thus, the consumption of sweet potatoes is suggested in cases of regular activity/exercise, as they avert injuries, muscle cramps, and increases the energy levels.

7. Heart Diseases:
sweet potatoes consumption tends to averts strokes and heart attacks. It boosts the working capacity of the heart, standardizes blood pressure, and normalizes body’s fluid and electrolytes.
                                 Utilization Tips 

In order to maximize the full benefits of sweet potatoes, You ought to keep the sweet potatoes in the open, not refrigerated, or in plastic or polythene bags . You ought to store them in a cool, dark spot, with enormous ventilation.

  • Avoid sweet potatoes with a green coloration, as it demonstrates a toxic compound known as solanine. Pick the firm ones, without wrinkles.
  •  possibly, always go for those sweet potatoes with darker colouration as it is contains a huge concentration of carotene.
  • Cooking makes the supplements in sweet potatoes more accessible in the body. therefore, one can choose to bake, boil or steam them.

Sweet potatoes can be prepared in different ways. However, ensure you don’t remove their skin, as it incorporates generally most of the nutrients. You can scrub it well with a vegetable brush, and you can decide to cool it, steam, or add it to the food processor, and subsequently blend it with honey and yogurt, to prepare as a smoothie.

I love sweet potatoes. what about you?