The Nigerian LNG limited has started accepting applications for IT/SIWES placement as at the time of this advert and it will open for a period of 3 weeks (10/11/16 to 1/12/16).

Follow the guideline below to apply

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on the Careers page
  3. Click on SIWES Application Portal
  4. Click on Register here to register your new account on the portal.
  5. Fill in all the required information. All sections marked with red asterisks are mandatory. Select a preferred ‘user name’ and password that should be securely saved somewhere. Read and check the ‘Yes, I have read the privacy statement….’ And Click on ‘Register’
  6. The application wizard page opens up. Fill in all the required information. Use the ‘date’ icon to select date of birth. To progress to the next page use the ‘next step’ tab
  7. Use the ‘double square’ to select the geopolitical zone and LGA. You do not need to type in the state of origin. It is automatically selected when you select the Geopolitical Zone. To select click on the square on the far left of the Geopolitical zone, this highlights the state in yellow and then choose ‘ok’ to select
  8. To fill in your Education/Training, click on ‘add’
  9. Fill in your educational institution, select when you started and select ‘end date’ as current date. Choose Country, state and the Location (town) of your school. For ‘Grade’ click the ‘Grade’ link beside it and choose N/A (not applicable). When done, click ‘Ok’.
  10.  Use the ‘next step’ button to move to ‘attachments’. Click on ‘add’ to add all required attachments that you should have scanned: (1). SIWES Letter from your school; (2). passport photograph, (3). school fees receipt; (4). school ID card etc. Provide the Title of the document, select the attachment type e.g. Passport photo. Select language as English and click on browse to search for where you stored the document and then click on ‘Transfer’ to attach
  11.  Use the ‘Next step’ button to move to ‘Complete application’.

Please note:

Use a valid email address

Use an easy-to-remember USERNAME and Password

Make sure your password is at least six characters, contains at least a capital letter and a number

A confirmation email will be sent to you upon successful submission of your application.

 If you applied in June 2016, please re-apply.

For assistance, contact us and we will assist you FREE of charge!


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