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Research Sabbatical Programme opportunities
  Programme offering Through the Afreximbank Research Sabbatical Program, members of academic or research institutions can conduct pertinent research that advances the Bank's mission by serving as an intellectual leader. Eligibility  Position: Mostly available to senior academics and lecturers from reputable universities, research centers, or related organizations. Admission to the program is strictly on…
            purpose The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Development and Entrepreneurship was established with the conviction that market-driven solutions from entrepreneurs are essential to promoting sustainable prosperity in emerging countries worldwide.By uniting African entrepreneurs who share a vision for a continent where people, ideas, and resources flow…
The CIFAR Women in Research Leadership Development Symposium convenes exceptional early career researchers from across sub-Saharan Africa, in any academic discipline, to strengthen their leadership skills through facilitated training; expand their professional networks; build their capacity for leading-edge, interdisciplinary research and collaboration; and receive mentorship from amongst Africa’s top women research leaders.This event will take…
African BioGenome Project 
Call for Applications African Biodiversity Fellowship for Emerging Genomics Leaders 2024
The objective of the 2022-founded African BioGenome Project (AfricaBP) is to sequence 100,000 genomes in ten years (Ebenezer et al., 2022). The Open Institute for Genomics and Bioinformatics was founded by the Knowledge Exchange and Industry Grand Challenge of AfricaBP to serve for the development of human resources throughout the continent (Sharaf, et al., 2023, 2024). In order to develop project based genomics and bioinformatics leadership throughout Africa, AfricaBP is collaborating with the  Carl R. Woese Institute…
Apply for Teach for Nigeria Fellowship
Teach For Nigeria's fellowship is an impactful journey that goes beyond a mere program—it's an opportunity to be a positive force in the lives of Nigerian children. This transformative experience helps you develop leadership skills, discover your purpose, and actively contribute to a brighter future. **Why Be a Fellow?** 1. **Find Your Purpose:** - Gain awareness of…

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